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Why I Wear Jewelry as a Man

Wearing jewelry as a man is not very common. Because of that, it can be looked down upon or give a bad impression. However, the rarity of it also means that it can make a stronger statement and make you stand out.

The reasons why I wear jewelry as a man are because it…

  • Reminds me of my ___
  • ___ better
  • Starts ___
  • Creates ___ to be broken
  • Increases awareness of other’s ___

Jewelry reminds me of my values

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Most of the jewelry that I wear holds some meaning.

My chain is from my grandparents, who have since passed away. I have a huge amount of respect for their work ethic and dedication to learning new things, and by wearing it, I am reminded of that. It allows me to both cherish their memory and their values.

My necklace pendant also carries meaning—it is a wooden ring that I decided to make on a whim. I am the type of person who starts a lot of projects but finishes few and who is terrified by not knowing exactly what to do, so it is a symbol reminding me that I can follow through on a project until completion, even when I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

The circular shape of the pendant also represents karma, and how good actions come back around. To me, it is specifically a reminder of Andy Weir’s interpretation of this in his short story, The Egg. I highly recommend reading it.

But where does the meaning come from?

You may have noticed that some of this meaning is very conveniently crafted—a circle having meaning is just marketing propaganda. While that is partially true, in the end, you choose what is meaningful to yourself.

If you want your jewelry to have meaning, then give it meaning. If you view a circle as a reminder that your good actions will come back to you, then that’s what it will function as.

Jewelry looks better

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While many people view jewelry on men negatively, this is because they call to mind their prototypical picture of a man with jewelry—a rapper, a mafia man, or an egotist. This is why reading reddit about opinions on males wearing jewelry will not always produce reliable results.

In real life, you can definitely wear jewelry in a way that does not fall under the aforementioned stereotypes (although don’t forget—those stereotypes are still attractive to certain people). And when you pull it off, it looks great.

And even if it still carries a slightly douchey connotation, it will still make you look better—the douchey part comes from society’s expectation for men to not care so much about looking good.

Jewelry starts conversations

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Because men wearing jewelry goes against the grain of society, it is more remarkable.

Many people are gonna casually say “nice [insert item of jewelry]” to you spontaneously. This gives you a chance to have a conversation with this person that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Additionally, if someone is interested in you and wants to start a conversation under ordinary, non-jewelry-wearing circumstances, it can be very hard for them to think of something to say to break the ice. However, this gives them an easy way in. And unless you have a six pack and all the fulfilling relationships you could ever want, who wouldn’t want that interested girl to approach them?

Jewelry also facilitates conversation

Oftentimes, while you’re already talking to someone, they may also say “nice [insert item of jewelry],” regardless of whether they actually like it. But that’s not a bad thing.

Your jewelry has plenty of conversation potential, and lets you steer the conversation where you want it to go based on what you share about your jewelry. For example, you can talk about how you got it, a story related to it, or the meaning that it carries for you.

And as said before, if your jewelry doesn’t already have a meaning to you, just give it one. Now you can easily open up to others about your values and craft engaging conversations.

Jewelry creates an expectation to be broken

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While it is true that jewelry doesn’t always carry a strong douchey vibe, it is true that it can have that vibe to some people. However, that can also make it fun.

It is always better to exceed expectations than to fall short. As someone who doesn’t have the typical douchey personality (or so I think), I get a chance to exceed expectations, and can come across as much deeper and more intellectual than expected.

But isn’t it bad to convey a somewhat douchey outer image?

It doesn’t sound very good to convey a douchey image, but let’s examine the actual harm:

It may cause strangers to not want to approach you

But how often do strangers actually approach you? Jewelry would probably make more strangers start conversation, not less.

As for those that know you already? Well, they already know you, so the accessorizing shouldn’t negatively impact their image of you. In fact, it perhaps made it more positive because you exceeded their expectations.

It increases awareness of other’s style

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Women very commonly wear jewelry, and a lot more thought goes into an outfit than for a typical man. This means that few men have to awareness to appreciate a well assembled outfit.

However, women obviously appreciate others noticing this because they put significant effort into it.

By investing time in my own accessories, I’ve started to notice other people’s a lot more.


Do you remember what goes in the blanks?

  • Reminds me of my ___
  • ___ better
  • Starts ___
  • Creates ___ to be broken
  • Increases awareness of other’s ___

Jewelry can be a great way to share your values, but also can be a method to brainstorm your own values and remind yourself of them. It can make you look better, while easily starting conversations and leading you down meaningful topics. It can let you exceed expectations, both in terms of others thinking you are probably a douche, and also by noticing when others put thought into their jewelry.

If you are interested in trying accessorizing, I’d recommend trying it out! Making rings out of wood or coins is actually quite doable, and if not in the mood for crafting, amazon has some cheap items that you can try out for little risk (and significant potential reward if you believe any of the reasons listed in this blog post).




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